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Tapestry and all of its Wonders!

At Little Munchkins, we use an online learning system called Tapestry. It is a wonderfully displayed, easy to use service that allows both staff and parent to contribute to the child's learning journal. It offers an app for smart phones too, for both apple and android devices. The desktop version can be accessed by clicking on the Tapestry logo to the right. 

Here are some key features that makes Tapestry such a great addition to Little Munchkins;
* Instant Observation updates. We upload observations with pictures and videos on the spot, so you will receive an email to notify you of a new observation as and when they happen. 
* Easy to use. Tapestry, although extremely secure, is a very simple and user friendly site. It has interactive features that allows you to comment on observations and even 'like' them.
Assessment. Tapestry has an excellent ability to analyse observations and assessments and generates very accurate and clear data, telling us exactly where your child/ren stand in the curriculum. It generates activity ideas, the next steps in achieving them and can all be accessed immediately!

What is the EYFS?

As an early-years setting, we strive to provide a rich, learning environment. The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is the curriculum that we follow. It contains 7 different learning areas, as well as an area of CoEL (Characteristics of effective learning). Here is a list and breakdown of what you will find inside;

- EYFS Areas 
* Personal, Social and Emotional Development
* Communication and Language
* Physical Development
* Literacy
* Mathematics
* Understanding the World
* Expressive Art and Design

CoEL Areas
* Playing and Exploring - Finding out and exploring
                         - Playing with what they know
                         - being willing to 'have a go'

* Active Learning - Being involved and concentrating
                    - Keeping on trying
                    - Enjoy achieving what they set out to do
* Creating and Think Critically - Having their own ideas 
                                   - Find ways to solve problems
                                   - Find new ways to do things
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